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Analysis of the wardrobe

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Tell me ... How do I look?

Analyzing your wardrobe, you can see a little clearer: colors, basic, trend, cuts ...

From her objective look, the stylist allows you to sort what suits well you and what is not for you.
The puzzle and doubts regarding clothing are finish.

The analysis of the wardrobe is the first step to develop your own winning style.

Procedure :

  •  Trip to your home;
  •  Sorting clothing, seasonal adjustment;
  •  Purge your closet;
  •  Fashion tips about your silhouette;
  •  Fittings sets, ties, belts;
  •  Recommendations of purchase.

Services to simplify your life!

Analysis of the wardrobe from $ 75

Rates as needed, a plurality of combinations is possible.
Please contact your stylist for more information.